July 9th, 2019

Color can make and break the brand. If the colors are soothing to the eyes, the customers will stick to your website for a long time. In case the colors are unattractive, it increases the bounce rates. Color psychology has a significant impact on customers. The graphic design agency Kerala is well-versed with color psychology.

Be it you are designing a logo, website, app, or a poster campaign; you must be careful with the color part. It evokes a lot of emotions and makes the customers engage with the brand personally. The color has the power to make customers think and take actions subconsciously. The graphic designing company Kerala can take advantage of using the best colors that appeal to the audience. Every brand chooses particular colors. For instance, when you look at social media, what comes to mind is the blue color. It spreads positivity and makes you feel light.

Why learn color psychology

Be it you are working on the business card, brochure, logo, or an ad, the color you choose is as important as the information you present. You must learn what kind of reactions it evokes in a person when he/she views the color. The color has an impact due to personal preferences and cultural background. The graphic designer must know the colors to use to become successful in this career. At times, changing the hue or saturating a tone would have a significant impact and evoke a different feeling. When it comes to cultural differences, a color that is a symbol of happiness in one country can be depressing in the other country.

Graphic designer Kerala should be a master in using the colors effectively based on the country or customers for whom he/she is designing a website, logo, or a campaign. The right color works wonders for the business. It grabs the attention of customers, evokes emotions, and makes people feel aesthetically appealing.

The best graphic designers in Kerala must be thorough in understanding the color theory. You must understand the art and design of color and their relationships to come up with harmonies color schemes.

Various colors to use in graphic designing

You can take a look at the colors that are used in graphic design. By understanding the psychology of colors, you can choose the right color for the logo, campaign, app, or anything you are designing for the company.


It is the most popular and warm color for males and people who gel well with others. It is intense and shows your passion for the world. There is a lot of determination and desire you can see in this color. Due to this reason, many countries would have this color in their flags. The red color would boost metabolism and improves the respiration rate. If you want to grab the attention of people, this is a must-have color in your designs. You can see the freelance graphic designer Kerala using call-to-action buttons with red color.


It is the sunshine color that has a lot of memories. It increases the warmth, makes you feel cheerful, and promotes the growth of muscle. When people see this color, it makes their mind feel calm. You can use this color to attract users towards your logo or campaign. However, you must not go overboard in using this color. When too much of yellow color is used, it creates a distraction. Moreover, too much of the color makes people feel impatient and start to develop an insecure feeling, fear, and lose self-confidence. You must balance the usage of the color.


It is the most favorite color of many people and is the color of the sky and ocean. When people take a look at this color, it makes them feel soothing, peaceful, and get into imagination. It is the color that is used by corporate and resembles sincerity, confidence, and intelligence. It gives a serene feeling to the people and is dynamic. You can use this color in the logo. However, going overboard creates a negative impact. The freelance graphic designer in Kerala knows where to use this color.


It is nature’s color. It is the color that resembles the start of a new journey, a symbol of life, and the environment. It also symbolizes prosperity. It can heal people physically and mentally and gives a soothing feeling to the vision. Green has a special place in the human ecosystem. You can use this color in the background.


It is a blend of blue and red attributes. It indicates preciousness and sacredness. It is the symbol of power, luxury, and ambition. When you use this color in designing anything for your brand, it takes elegance to the next level. The luxurious effect creating this color gives a good feel to the eyes.


The symbol of this color is authority, strength, and a lot of elegance. Many prestigious companies will use this color. It improves the confidence level and induces positive feelings. When you use this color in the logo or app design, it shows the power.

You must hire the best graphic designer in Kerala to work on the part of your design. They are well-aware of the colors that they should use for your brand.

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