July 9th, 2019

COVID times are tough times for the online business to get sales. However, you can still keep promoting your business and stay in the minds of the customers through Facebook marketing. The interested customers will take a business decision through the call-to-action button available on the ad.

Facebook is the best place where zillions of people spend their time to connect with friends and family members globally. More than the adobe for friends, it is also a lucrative place for businesses to get some potential leads.

You can promote the business by interacting with the customers. Whether you are a small company or a bigwig, you can use Facebook as a useful tool to improve your brand identity and reach the global audience with ease. Many social media marketing companies in Kerala have rich experience in promoting the business through Facebook.

Create a Facebook page for your business

The best part of creating a Facebook page is that you do not have to spend anything. When you create the page, you can start to post the content relevant to your business, latest product launches, and communicate with the customers and prospect audience. It is a valuable tool for digital marketers to get a sea of customers within a small budget.

If you want to create a business page, you must use your personal information. However, this information is not displayed for people. You must provide the business details and upload the brand image. You will be recognized through this image.

Try following the image sizes that are best on Facebook to get better visibility. On the company page information, you must write catchy details about the company in 255 characters and provide the contact information.

You can also add the business hours and price range of your products. It is good to create a username with which customers can look for you on Facebook. The username must not exceed 50 characters. You can put a call-to-action button on the page to compel customers to take the desired action. The social media marketing agency Kerala will help you in creating an appealing Facebook page.

Use classic ads on Facebook

You can see a myriad of ads being posted on the right column of your page. These are the marketplace ads that come with the appealing headline, image, and a link, which redirects the user to the business Facebook page. You can also give the link to redirect to your website page.

Facebook ads are a powerful marketing strategy that helps you get good traffic and sales for the business. The best part of these ads is that you can target your products to a specific location, gender, age, and interests of the user. You can run the ads with different designs at a time and check its performance. The worst part is that you do not learn about the CTR of the ads on Facebook. However, use the ads created by a social media marketing company in Kerala helps you get more people to turn to your business.

Video posts

You can promote the business by creating a short and engaging video. The video will start to play in the news feed for seconds and grab the audience’s eye. You can make use of the videos to announce your new products to the world vociferously. If you want to tell your inspiring business story to the world, you can create three minutes video. The social media marketing company Kerala can help you create video posts.

Promoted posts

The “promote your post” concept on Facebook will allow the businesses to make their post go viral in a few minutes. It helps you to get more impressions. However, you must spend some amount to make your post reach a lot of people. It makes sure that your followers view the post. With thousands of posts on the news feed, there are chances of the followers missing the post. With this promotional post concept, you can increase your post’s chances to appear on the top of the news feed to give high visibility. If they like the post, they can share it with their friends.

Poll post

When you conduct a poll, you can engage the audience for some time on the page. You can ask the audience whether they should ban using cell phones in the colleges; many would show interest in taking the poll. When the voting is completed, you can announce the results to the public. The subject at whom you are conducting the poll is not relevant to the product or service you are offering, but it engages the audience. They will hook to your brand for some time.

Hiring a social media marketing company Kerala will help you do all these things and improve your business.

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